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24 August 2015 @ 04:06 pm
first REAL post in 5 years  
Osashiburi minna!~
Wow I haven't updated this in almost 6 years.
By accident, my twitter account had been reposting every single activity I've done. Sorry if it bothered anyone.
I haven't logged on LJ in many years, so I pretty much stopped caring.
The only reason I had a LJ was because most of the Johnny's fandom was on LiveJournal and wrote posts on here regarding their faves.
I have finally returned to Jpop scene in a long time. Kpop had swept me off my feet. But let's be honest, its all about ARASHI, and other Jpop artists.
I think if only Johnny's Entertainment would create their own YouTube channel, and post all of their groups' mvs, then JPOP would be more recognized in the world. Kpop made it through because of YouTube.
That's just my honest thought and longtime theory.

Jdrama are still popular, right? Even though their are sucky live action movies adapted from my favorite shoujo mangas that are being made every year.
Jdramas still are the best. I will debate on that whole KDrama Vs. JDrama crap any day.
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